Crave to Shave l 怕麻煩男人也可以有的(生活儀式感 )

Crave to Shave l 怕麻煩男人也可以有的(生活儀式感 )

剃鬚是一件煩人的事,如果能讓它成為一種更愉快的儀式就很好,而且香氣是優先考慮的! 對於刮鬍子的男士,我們使用我們精湛而溫和的有機剃須產品支持老式的刷子和剃須刀剃須方法。 我們製作了一系列獨特的滋養香味鬍鬚香膏,以培養健康的皮膚和鬍鬚,讓男人聞起來更誘惑。

Valor Organics 的產品是工匠在們位於拜倫灣後面山丘上的工作室製造的。我們使用有機澳大利亞橄欖油、澳洲堅果油、鱷梨油、椰子油以及其他精心採購的有機和公平貿易成分,如摩洛哥堅果油、大麻油、琉璃苣和 100% 純精油,從頭開始製作一切。 我們提倡無殘忍,不含帕拉班 SLS, 不含棕櫚油,無人工香料 ,無人工色素,素食主義者,自然 96% 有機成分,可回收。我們希望為地球所面臨的巨大廢物管理問題做出貢獻。在 Valor Organics,我們仔細考慮產品的包裝並儘可能回收利用。

We get that Shaving can be a drag. So, we are interested in making it more of a pleasurable ritual. As for Beards - although low maintenance, they can indeed benefit from a bit of sprucing up - and smelling good is a priority! For the Man Who Shaves we endorse old fashioned methodologies of brush and razor shaving, with our superb and gentle, organic shaving products. For the Bearded, we make a unique range of nourishing scented Beard Balms to cultivate healthy skin and whiskers and leave a man smelling like temptation itself.

Valor Organics' products are Artisan made in our workshops in the hills behind Byron Bay. We make everything from scratch using Organic Australian Olive Oil, Macadamia oil, Avocado oil, Coconut oil as well as other carefully sourced organic and fair trade ingredients such as Argan Oil, Hemp Oil, Borage and 100% pure Essential oils. Get educated, Go Natural - You'll love it.

OUR ETHICS Cruelty Free Paraban Free SLS Free Palm oil free No artificial fragrance No artificial Colours Vegan Natural 96% Organic Ingredients Recyclable We don’t want to contribute to the enormous waste management problem the Earth has. There are ‘continents’ of plastic floating in our ocean. At Valor Organics, we carefully consider the packaging of our products and recycle wherever possible.


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