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Hand-made Incense Holder 「叉住你把口」手工製線香座

Hand-made Incense Holder 「叉住你把口」手工製線香座

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I wish this incense holder would shut those bad mouths up since 2023.

♥ Handmade嘢你就唔好expect佢會隻隻一模一樣喇~
Hand-craft clay art imported from Turkey.

♥ 一支TOM FORD 唇膏咁上下大,有埋對比圖你睇。
Size as seen in the picture, similar size compare with a TOM-FORD lipstick

♥ 呢隻嘢好曳,眼紅紅眼腫腫咁,唔知係喊完定係stone咗呢?
Have no idea if this little naughtiness cried or stoned with its reddish eyes.


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