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HAND CREAM - I WAS A TEENAGE HAND MODEL BALM 「一睇就知唔做家務」全天然防敏萬用護手霜 (燒傷/曬傷/傷口護理)

HAND CREAM - I WAS A TEENAGE HAND MODEL BALM 「一睇就知唔做家務」全天然防敏萬用護手霜 (燒傷/曬傷/傷口護理)

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全天然防敏萬用護手霜 (燒傷/曬傷/傷口護理)—— For Hand, nail, and/or anything-dry cream

  • Cold pressed, non-GMO soya bean oil, mango butter and shea butter provide a protective moisture barrier, supported by soothing colloidal oatmeal, and healing allantoin. 
  • The ingredients in this product make it helpful not only for binding moisture to dry skin, but for healing wounds, burns, sunburn, cold sores, nappy rash, tattoos… Those with eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis have also found some sweet relief from this balm. It’s a real over achiever. 
  • Perfect for the winter handbag edit.
  • Throw one in the toolbox or gym bag too, the sturdy boot polish tin keeps it safe and ready to soothe
  • Made small-batch in London UK


  • Massage a pea sized amount into hardworking hands - or any part of the body that’s going through a rough patch. Expect hands to feel freshly conditioned for hours, but not sticky or waxy, and no oily shine like other balms.
  • Depending on the room temperature when we set our balms, they can develop a white haze or slight crystals on the top. This is superficial and a part of natural balm setting that disappears with use.


Softly nostalgic and distinct. Like catching a whiff of your mum’s bohemian perfume in mossy oak woods.

SIZE:55 g 

All Natural / Vegan / Cruelty-free / No Beeswax / Fragrance-free / Scent from essential oil
全天然 / 純素 / 無動物測試 / 無蜂蠟 / 無香料 / 天然精油香味

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