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PALO SANTO SPRAY 野生聖木噴霧(內含小顆水晶)

PALO SANTO SPRAY 野生聖木噴霧(內含小顆水晶)

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當您正在迷糊狀態(雖然經常係咁),就需要及時淨化,無煙“聖木”出現!野生聖木噴霧 —— Set your intention and heighten the energy of your space.

Relaxation/ Ease stress & restlessness
放鬆/ 緩解壓力和躁動

Palo santo 好神奇,在吸入時會飄過大腦的嗅覺系統,會觸發放鬆反應,以緩解壓力和煩躁不安。 它也是緩解偏頭痛甚至驅蟲的神器。

而水中加入一顆水晶的 pH 值平衡水,則可增強能量和強化淨化作用,以防止消極情緒,並調整您的高我,“無所不知的眼睛”可放大水晶的效用並帶來平衡與和諧。

  • "Holy wood" in a smokeless form when you can’t always light up when you need a quick cleanse.
  • Palo santo, when inhaled, drifts through the olfactory system of the brain triggering relaxation responses to ease stress and restlessness. It’s also a boss about relieving migraines and even repelling bugs. So that impromptu, late-night rendezvous where you need to cleanse your deck on a summer night in the middle of nowhere, you’re covered.
  • Quartz-infused pH-balanced water amplifies energies and intentions to protect against negativity and attune to your higher self with tigers eye, an ‘all seeing all-knowing eye’ to magnify the quartz and bring balance and harmony.


金縷梅 * I pH 平衡的石英淨化水 I 手工混合純精油 (聖木)+  柑橘(甜橙)* I

大馬士革薔薇(玫瑰) I

香檸檬(佛手柑)* I 


Hamamelis (witch hazel)* I pH-balanced quartz-infused distilled water I hand blended pure essential oils Bursera graveolens (palo santo)+ I Citrus sinensis (sweet orange)* I Rosa damascena (rose) I Citrus bergamia (bergamot)* I Chrysopogon zizanioides (vetiver)

SIZE:120 ml

Sustainably sourced 可持續資源 / * Organic 有機

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