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洗髮粉末(鎮靜頭皮/吸收油脂/中和氣味) —— Calms scalp, absorbs oil, neutralises odour and coats strands for volume on second-day hair. Fresh and healthy for your scalp and hair, without the heavy residue and white cast sometimes left by dry shampoos.

  • Made from a delicate balance of natural starches, minerals and botanicals.
  • Cornstarch is a super absorbent base to soak up excess oil, and added Fullers Earth deodorises partied-out hair.
  • From the root of the cassava plant, Tapioca Starch provides gloss and a sleek soft touch.
  • Peppermint refreshes, and has been shown in studies to stimulate hair growth.
  • The nozzle provides an easy application method for focusing on reviving fringes and the hairline area.

✔ Updated design! New bottle and cap are aluminium which is infinitely recyclable, and much larger at 85g compared to the original 55g!
✔ Vegan friendly, cruelty-free and made in the U.K.
✔ This blend is gluten free.
✔ Non-irritant and non-comedogenic.
✔ All natural, no synthetics.


  • Sprinkle onto hair, leave a minute then brush through or tousle well for an invisible finish. Can be applied accurately to the roots on small sections (like for an oily fringe), or shaken above the head for an even coverage. Open the nozzle relative to the amount of powder you want dispensed.

  • Keep out of eyes and away from children.


A splash in the pool, a warm smile, comfort, kids toothpaste, a new dawn, nostalgia, clarity.

SIZE:85 g

Vegan friendly 純素 / Cruelty-free 無動物測試 / Gluten Free 無麩質 /
All Natural 全天然 / No Synthetics 無化合物 / Non-comedogenic 無致粉刺性

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