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THE BODY OIL 天然有機潤膚油 (針對舒緩乾燥皮膚)

THE BODY OIL 天然有機潤膚油 (針對舒緩乾燥皮膚)

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天然有機潤膚油 (針對舒緩乾燥皮膚) —— An opulent blend of silky natural oils, to nourish and provide your skin with 24hr protection from moisture loss. ——絲滑質地的滋養潤膚油,天然調配,防止水分流失,並為您的皮膚提供 24 小時保護。中性的陽光柑橘和草本香味(不含香水或香精)

用身體油保濕比乳液更有效地保護你的皮膚更長時間不干燥, 對乾燥的皮膚特別友好,非常適合舒緩刺激,使用未經加工的冷榨油,其精油可刺激血液循環、鎮靜心靈並帶來性感的感覺。並在潮濕的皮膚上使用!

  • Moisturising with body oil protects your skin from dryness for much longer and is stronger than a lotion can.
  • The Body features a genderless sunny green citrus and herb scent (no perfume or fragrance) to make you smell like the heavens opened and dropped you into a Positano sunset, prosecco in hand, weak at the knees.
  • The benefits of these particular essential oils are said to stimulate circulation, calm the mind and bring the sexy feels. The Body is especially friendly to dry skin and is excellent for soothing irritation. Use on damp skin!
  • 100% post-consumer plastic recycled bottle, please continue to recycle for a circular economy.
  • Uses raw, cold-pressed oils for maximum nutrients. 


  • For prime effect, massage into clean skin whilst still wet from the shower. 為獲得最佳效果,在淋浴後仍然濕潤的情況下按摩至吸收

SIZE:150 ml 

All Natural / No Silicones / Cruelty-free / Nut-free oils / Vegan / Recyclable packaging / Fragrance-free


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